Overtime devices disconnect from VPN and do not reconnect

Hi All,

Looking for some advice.

I have roughly 100 devices connected to an openBalena instance running on EC2.

Everything works reasonably well however, over time devices tend to disconnect from the VPN.

API heartbeat etc continues to work as expected and all other functions are working.

Sometimes I then need to SSH one for some reason to resolve an issue. When this happens I currently restart openBalena containers. After ‘compose up -d’ all of the devices connect again and all are connected to vpn.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any pointers on where to begin debugging this? I have tried looking through various logs bit cannot see why this might be happening.


I am having the same experience with my devices, but also have not successfully debugged the problem.

I also have the same problem, what i found out is that most of the time is caused by an interuption of the internet connectivity on the remote site. If reboot the device at the remote site vpn is working again.