ov9281 dtbo with balena fin

right, that command produces a raw file, which is just fine as I said. But it did not work for me - the device was created but I could not do captures. I look forward to sharing of what you did to get it working.

Do you mean you weren’t able to capture the raw files using that command?
Also - this was on a RPi3B running balenaOS and a small app that I did.

I still haven’t figured what’s wrong with the Fin, but my goal is to have something working without issues on the RPi, and then figure that out on the Fin

roger, misunderstood. carry on :slight_smile:

Hey Alon

Were you able to get the raw stream bit working after all?

Hey Anujdeshpande,

No progress - I’ve left this hoping you will find something, meanwhile I have a working solution by using the old arducam userspace SDK. They do not advertise it as the default already for some months, so I guess at some point I will have to figure this out to keep using the balena Fin.