Openvpn Server Application

I hope I’m not wrong section.
Simple question because I didn’t find it: does exist an openvpn server application, ready to deploy, from balena cloud app list?

I’m working on different docker openvpn edited images to make them armv6 compatibile for my pizero device,

but I woud be glad if balena cloud had an existing template/application.


Hello @lewix we currently don’t have an example of an openVPN application. Let us know if you end up making one as we are always happy to see such projects.

Hi @nazrhom,
yes I did it :slight_smile:

and I have not encountered any conflict with other containers


Dear @lewix,

Apparently, you’ve been able to achieve what I am struggling to.
May I ask you how you deployed your OpenVPN container while Balena cloud doesn’t allow the use of multiple docker-compose runs?

Maybe I am misunderstanding something to fulfil this?

Thank you.

Best regards,