OpenBalena with Google IoT Core, NodeRed & WiFi Connect using Raspberry Pi Zero W

Hi there,

I am working to an IoT project which uses NodeRed, Google IoT and WiFi Connect.

The scope of the project is to connect the Raspberry Pi Zero W to a device which we’d interact with (using NodeRed), store the messages to Google IoT Core and be able to manage the device using OpenBalena.

Here you can find the open sourced code, hope it gives more input of the issue.

Known issues:

  1. The containers on the IoT device are not starting, here’s an output of the issue:

  2. Google IoT does not register even though I’ve followed up the documentation.

Still questions that I have:

  1. What are the requirements for development environment for customising WiFi Connect?
    (maybe a docker-compose.yml, what containers to use or what’s the starting point).

I’d like to add a customisation so that after the user gets connected to the internet and the device registers successfully to Google IoT core, then to have a url callback (e.g. myapp://1231323 and there to have the id of the device from Google IoT).

  1. Is there a way to lock in a certain version of all dependencies? I’d like to make sure that the build of the image works all the time.

I had the surprise that after sometime the project no longer works, I just run the build command after couple of months.

Happy to contribute with the Balena GitHub official repos as soon as I’d have those issues solved / clarified.

Thank you!