OpenBalena Server Setup on local machine



I followed the quickstart guide to setup openBalena server locally, after installing i.e step - ./scripts/compose up -d I saw everything running. I could see containers, but when I ran https://localhost I am not seeing ‘503 Service Unavailable’. I was expecting a login page to come up for the server, is it not the case ? or am I missing something ?


I am pretty new too but, from the little I know, open balena doesn’t offer a web UI.
You can handle it using balena-CLI or building your own UI using balena-sdk


This is correct, there is no bundled UI with openBalena.


Thank you both for confirming. So, as suggested by @KingRial if one needs to have a UI then has to build using SDK, right ?


@pei openBalena doesn’t have an user interface like balenaCloud.
You can only manage it via command-line., but you can develop your own UI, which will need to interface the command-line to a graphic display of your choice.


You should use the SDK to build yourself a UI, that is correct.


Thank you @dansku and @richbayliss for confirming it.