OpenBalena push to registry fails

I just did a fresh deployment with the latest docker builds and start getting a docker error while trying to push to the registry.

Pushing images to registry...
Retrying "" after 2.00s (1 of 3) due to: Error: unauthorized: authentication required
Retrying "" after 2.80s (2 of 3) due to: Error: unauthorized: authentication required
Retrying "" after 3.92s (3 of 3) due to: Error: unauthorized: authentication required

Since everything seem to work with the v0.48.0 release of balena registry, i try to get my head around why this Error starts turning up.

I encountered it on MacOS X, Ubuntu and Debian with balena-cli versions 11.23 and 11.24.

This seems to be a bug with the current open-balean-registry version.
I downgraded to the following setup and it works like a charm.

I set the following versions in the config/activate file.


Hi @Langhalsdino

We just want to confirm which version of open-balena-registry you’re using when encountering this error, is it v2.13.2? When you mention using v0.48.0 of the registry, are you referring to OPENBALENA_API_VERSION_TAG, which was set to 0.49.9 in the configuration that did work?

Kind regards

Sorry it was a little bit late when writing the post. I got confused with balena registry and balena api version.

I used the default installation with :latest tag at 1st Feb. 2020 and pushing to the registry failed.

I checked our currently running productive instance for its versions and it api version was v0.48.0 and registry version v2.12.0

Since upgrading to newer versions is mostly a good idea, i tried a couple of random configuration that are >v0.48.0 >2.12.0 and got the above mentioned configuration to work.

It is mostly up to date, therefore i feel confident upgrading our current productive instance to the above mentioned container versions.

I still could not figure out why the latest build produced the above mentioned error.

I am not sure either; I haven’t seen that error before in this use-case.

If you get it again, or find a way to reproduce it reliably then please open an issue here:

I have currently a thight schedule, but try to test it this week with a new url and a new server and open an issue accordingly.

I just wanted to put it here, in case some one else is encountering the same problem. Since it took me a while to figure out, that it was about the balena deployment and not anything else.