OpenBalena license

We are planning to use openbalena in commercial project as the main core component for loading and running a software

Are there any legal problems about it?

I just found out that license of it is AGPL… Could it makes problem?

Hey @Razikus
as this is more of a business and legal question you should probably contact balena directly e.g. via balena - Contact

As far as I understand the AGPL, it should be no problem to use OpenBalena in your software, as long as you make all changes to the OpenBalena source code also open source and freely available to download, so that everybody can benefit from it. But I am in no way a legal expert, neither am I part of balenas Management, so better reach out to them and I guess they can help you very fast. Thank you in any case for bringing this up early, I guess this is always a good thing and eliminates misunderstandings and problems down the road :slight_smile:


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Hey @Razikus we are having already this conversation on e-mail, however i would like to share it here in case someone else from the community have similar questions:

Finally as @nmaas87 mentioned if you modify openBalena source code you might need to offer it to the community as specified on the license. Having said that, we strongly recommend to seek legal counsel.

Let us know more about your next steps :slight_smile:

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