Openbalena device dashboard

So I got very excited when I spun up openbalena on my VM and ran the balena devices command because it showed a link to a device dashboard:

2 f25f1c2 sparkling-fog raspberry-pi myApp N/a false N/a N/a https://dashboard.[mydomain]/devices/f25f1c990bbb6e3b8101aba4e5bd6841/summary

But of course was disappointed to discover the link doesn’t work, which makes sense considering openbalena does not offer a web ui. However it is a little confusing why it would exist in the first place then.

Does that mean that device dashboards are on the roadmap for openbalena (:grinning:) or is open balena just generating this link and assuming that openbalena users should spin up their own web service to serve against this url?


Openbalena might not have a web gui, but you can use the APIs on it regardless. This is a list of domains you’d need to configure .

Wrt dashboard, we don’t have plans to add a dashboard. There is the CLI, and you can use our Javascript SDK if you’d like to build any functionality on top of OpenBalena - including that of a dashboard. There’s a version made by a user - you can find link to that in this issue - but we aren’t involved in developing it

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Thats what I suspected. Thanks for the link to that project, I did see that recently good find.