Open-balena scan no results


I have gone over this thread and it seems that it become a bit of a jumble with regards to what it trying to be resolved and the solution. Let’s tackle the first thing that came up; balena scan not showing any devices.

So the balena scan command is looking for mDNS advertised services/devices which would require the machine running the command (you laptop) to be in the same IP subnet as the balenaOS device (your Dell server). If nothing comes up then it could be a number things, from network configuration to firewalls on your laptop. Could you confirm that you’re running the v2.41.1+rev1 development image on your Dell machine, just so I can establish a baseline?

You have also mentioned that you would like to run openBalena to manage your devices. Where will you be running this stack? Also, are you planning to join the Dell server to the instance?