Notifications when balenaOS updates are released?

Is there a place where we can sign up to receive notifications when new balenaOS releases are made available? We have a large fleet of devices and want to keep these up to date however it is hard to know when a new release is made available.

Also, what is the cadence for security releases? Do we have any visibility when a CVE is fixed in the OS or any underlying applications?


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Hi @chriswiggins, there is no way to 'subscribe ’ to updates on OS releases, however, using the SDK’s getSupportedOSupdateVersions. to script something that caters to your needs.

About security updates, we use maintained Yocto Project stable releases, and each new release inherits fixes and updates from the stable branch. Currently we don’t manually surface the fixes that a specific application update brings, and it’s the Yocto Project community and security team that manages the updates.

Hopefully this helps? Let us know if you have any more questions or need help.

+1 on this, and perhaps some further info on release processes in general? For example, why is Raspberry Pi 4 currently at 2.88 but Raspberry Pi Zero 2 at 2.87? I need some of the updates made in 2.88 on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 and checking from time to time without any idea on whether it could be a day, a week or a month seems like extra work that could be skipped.

@chriswiggins @maggie another thing you can do if you need a specific release for a specific device is to open a GH issue on the balena os repo with the request to update to that version. It is helpful if you indicate in the issue what in particular you need about that release. Here is an example of one. Versions are updated all the time, but priority is given to requests when there is a specific need. Also, the GH issue will get closed when the release occurs, allowing you to get a notification on a specific release.