Not all services won't start on

First thing first, I don’t really know if this is the right category or not - so mods feel free to move.

I have an (starter) application which uses microservices and contains two devices. The application itself consists of eight microservices but I only can run seven of them in parallel. The eighth is running regarding the supervisor state but the system only says: Starting service XYZ …
But it never starts it is stuck a displaying: Installed

I had somehow a weird naming by using dashes and/or underscores but renaming them to use camelcase didn’t solve the problem. And resources look fine as fair as I saw them . The hardware used is a RPI Compute Module 3 lite.

software version information
  • Device 1: balenaOS 2.36.0+rev2 development; supervisor: 9.15.0
  • Device 2: balenaOS 2.43.0+rev1 production; supervisor: 10.2.2

Did anyone experience something similar or could give me hints how to investigate that?
If anyone wants more information, logs etc. feel free to ask. Thanks in advance.

For support team: Support access is granted to the devices

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Solved by myself. The problem was that the one service always failed but never printed any logging statements. The command specified inside the Dockerfile errored but couldn’t log anything.