No supervisor comms under QEMU

Hi guys, I have two devices running under QEMU.

One on Resin OS 2.0.0-rc5.rev1 (sup 4.0.0) [apps/307727/devices/519695]

One on Resin OS 2.3.0+rev1 (prod) (sup 6.1.3) [apps/307599/devices/718289]

The device on 2.0 version works fine.

However, the device on 2.3 has no comms with the supervisor, so no deploys are received. Name resolution is also not possible using the default nameserver (docker0 host) in /etc/resolv.conf. Substituting a public DNS server (e.g. works.

Interestingly, if the QEMU emulator process is killed and reloaded, the device grabs the new version from the repo and deploys it, but once it is booted, it has no effective link with the supervisor.

I watched resin-vpn interface with tcpdump and saw no packets traversing, unlike on the working device.

Are you able to replicate?

– ab1

Worked it out - I was clobbering the iptables rules.

Glad to hear that you worked it out.