no hdmi audio rpi4b balenasound

So I have four balenasound devices around the house.
3 of 4 are on wifi and output via 3.5mm and work fine.
Only 1 of the 4 runs on ethernet (i thought it would be more effective, not sure) and uses HDMI for audio output.
I have had some initial success with the ethernet/HDMI device, but usually it stops working or doesn’t work at all.
Looking at the logs, I see a few logs of interest:

  1. WARNING: BCM2835 audio card not found, are you sure you are running on a Raspberry Pi?
  2. WARN libmdns::fsm] dropping truncated packet from
  3. [Error] (Alsa) XRUN while waiting for PCM: Broken pipe
  4. [Error] (Alsa) XRUN while writing to PCM: Broken pipe

Device Variables:
AUDIO_OUTPUT: Default “AUTO” (all devices)

Device Configurations:
dtoverlay: “vc4-kms-v3d” (HDMI/ethernet device only; all other devices are blank)
dtparam: “i2c_arm=on”,“spi=on”,“audio=on” (all devices)
enable_uart: disabled (all devices)
gpu_mem: 16 (all devices)

I tried to fresh install the HDMI/ethernet device, but also didn’t work.

I’ve also been trying to use my switch’s PoE function - the dashboard says the HDMI/ethernet device is undervolted, so I prepared a dedicated USB charger and while it doesn’t say the device is undercharged anymore, there is still no audio.
Any help would be greatly appreciate! Thanks!