New update error

So I followed this tutorial to make a Minecraft server. I have been recently have the issue of connecting to my WinSCP server files. I have been getting this error.

I contacted the tutorial creator and he said to make a forum here because it might be due to the new dashboard changes.

Hello @Pickle,

Welcome to our forums! When is this issue manifesting? Does it happen when you try to access via WinSCP? Can you connect via SCP or not?


I can not connect to WinSCp at all, it just fails to connect.

Hi Rory

  • Looks like the device is online and has been assigned an IP - so the device side things seem fine to me. Did you also have the same results with a Development image instead of the Production?
  • Can you confirm that your device is on the same network when you try to connect using scp as per the blog?

Its fixed now I think I was on my guest network by mistake.