Network Manager from Python in RPI3


I am trying to develop an application which, in Python 3.6, and using the Bluetooth interface, manage the WiFi connections:

  1. Send the SSID+Security type+Pass (if necessary) using the bluetooth interface
  2. Use this information to make the WiFi connection (if the info is correct).

My questions are:

  1. Do you know if there exists a similar project? I did not find anything by myself.
  2. I think that the Bluetooth part is easy. The problem is with the Network Manager and the D-BUS system. I found the project resin-wifi-connect which does this part but in CoffeeScript. In Python 3.6 I intend to use the package python-networkmanager but I do not know if there is a better option… what do you recommend me?

Thank you in advance.

The closest project to what you are looking for here is resin-wifi-connect, but indeed you will have to figure out the Bluetooth bit.
If you want to use python to achieve this, the package you pointed out seems to be a good option, we do not write our projects in python, so it is hard to tell if this is indeed the best option.