Netplan support

Good day,

Because of the dynamic nature of our network devices and cabling, We currently have this as our netplan config:

    version: 2
            match: {name: "enp*"}
            dhcp4: no
            optional: true
            dhcp4: yes
                -  # Fixed IP for sensor
                -  # Fixed IP for other sensor
            interfaces: [switchports]

We’re in the process of migrating from ubuntu-server to balena. How could we apply such a config?

Hello @Timple could you please tell us more about your dynamic nature of your network?

Sure thing,

Unfortunately there are slight differences in our computers causing our network interfaces to switch names/order.

Therefor we expose the same capabilities (dhcp, fixed ip) to all interfaces equal.

Hello @Timple sorry for the delay.

balenaOS currently uses NetworkManager and does not support configuration via Netplan.

Do you think you can move to NetworkManager or make Netplan compatible?