Multicontainer: Push offline image builds

First of all, I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work developing the multi-container support for resin. We are excited to use the updated product.

For a variety of reasons, we would prefer to build our images on our own servers. For previous single container resin applications, we had built images offline and used the “resin deploy” command to update our applications.

Will this be possible with multi-container applications? Is there a way we can deploy multi container by directly pushing multiple built images and docker-compose.yml? We would like to avoid pushing our source code or exposing our registry to the public.

Thank you

Hi @syd, thanks for the kind words. Yes indeed I think if you update to the latest 7.0.x version of resin-cli, you should be able to push multicontainer builds in the same way you do with resin deploy.

If it doesnt work for you, please let me know asap and we can get it fixed, I tested this a few days ago in staging and it was all working correctly, so should be good to go.


Thank you for your prompt response. Good to hear that we can still use resin-delpoy.

When an update is made to an image shared by several multi-container applications, what is the new procedure for notifying the applications? Can the updated image (pre-built on our servers) be pushed/deoplyed to each application, without affecting the other containers? Will each application need to be updated separately?

Thanks again!

In our new model an App is made up of multiple containers defined by a docker-compose.yml. When you make a change to a single container in that app and push up to our registry, all the devices are notified that there is a new release. The devices will then only download that container and start it up, the other containers, if they were unchanged will not restart, but will continue to run as they were.

Great! I appreciate your help, I think I am most of the way there.

How do I get direct access to my resin account’s registry, so that I can push images to it via docker push and refer to it in my docker-compose.yml?

Thank you

Currently the way we are exposing to push directly to the Docker registry is through the resin CLI as Shaun outlined above. That essentially lets you skip the builder but push a Docker container into the rest of the pipeline and still deploy with resin and take advantage of container deltas and all our other management features.

Is there something you’d like to do past a resin deploy? for this?

Understood, I’ve got the hang of this now. Thank you both for the help!