Motorola Xoom and balenaOS?

Hi there everyone,

I am an IT tech, but with very little experience in programing, So I understand hardware, but not the software that goes hand in hand with it.

Anyways I have a Motorola Xoom, that has options to putting Linux on it. The reason this is so important is it comes with a kick butt stereo speaker that I would love to use balenaOS to play as a wireless speaker for spotify.

Is there anyway to have balenaOS on my Xoom? I’m not even sure balenaOS is what I need

I have had success installing balenaOS on a raspberry Pi last month, so I am keen to stick with this system if possible.

We are currently investigating running BalenaOS in Android devices using LineageOS linux distribution, although we do not have progress to share yet. However since the Motorola Xoom is an older device, which is not supported by this distribution, it is unlikely that we would be adding support for this device.