Missing base image for intel-nuc-python:3.9.1-bullseye-build

A change to an upstream package is forcing us to update from the Balena base image intel-nuc-python:3.8-bullseye-build to a base image using Python 3.9. When does Balena plan on releasing an image for intel-nuc-python:3.9.1-bullseye-build?

Unfortunately when we try to build the base image ourselves from source we are running into a number of difficult errors.


Thanks for reporting this. It does seem there was a build error which is related to the python-dbus version we specified not being compatible with Python3.9.1. I’ve created a GH issue to track this Unable to find base image intel-nuc-python:3.9.1-bullseye-build · Issue #680 · balena-io-library/base-images · GitHub

We are updating the Dockerfile and will get back to you once the base image is available