Microsoft Surface Go - no Wi-Fi support?

Installed the official balenaOS build for the Surface Go and nmcli does not even show the Wi-Fi network device. On the generic amd64 GPT build, the network device is shown, but wpa_supplicant can not bring the device up.

Is Wi-Fi not an option in the official Surface Go build of balenaOS? Is there any way to get that working on either the Surface Go or Generic amd64 GPT build?

Hi there, WiFi should be working fine - can you please try adding the device via balenaCloud and using the latest balenaOS version there (you can configure the wifi via the add device modal). Let us know if this works.

Hello! Another person with the same issue. It works fine on our Surface Go 3s, but not on the original Surface Go’s. I resolved this by using 2.73.1+rev3 instead of 2.83.18+rev1, so I imagine something happened between the two versions.

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Hello @aaron.phillips thank you for your message and welcome to the balena community!

@linus_h what balenaOS version are you using?

I will connect with the balenaOS team to see what happens here! Thanks for the headsup!