Manifest not found

experienced the following issue when building image from following base image;

manifest for balenalib/raspberrypi3-debian-python:3.7.3-buster-build not found

run works perfectly fine

Hi @remsol, the error just shows that such a base image at the moment doesn’t exists. The available tags are visible on Docker Hub as usual, for this base image the link is

And indeed, -build tags seems to be missing there, while they are expected, we are checking with the maintainer about it.

Hi @remsol, we’ve investigated and this tag is missing due to an issue with curl on Debian Buster when it can’t verify the host certificate when downloading (we use curl to download few things when building the Dockerfile), here is the upstream issue For now, a workaround is applied and we’re rebuilding the images, will let you know when it’s ready.

I’ve created our own GitHub issue for tracking the progress:

Though I’m not sure I created it in the right repo… @nghiant2710 will probably correct me if I should have created it elsewhere. :slight_smile: