Local ssh from cmd windows

Hello again,

I tried to connect with local ssh from my pc to the host Os. i use balena cli on windows.
I run the command balena local ssh and after that it says to Select a container (? Select a container).
I choose the container /resin_supervisor , and i get the message :
sh: $(if [ -f /usr/bin/balena ]; then echo “balena”; else echo “docker”; fi): No such file or directory
Connection to closed.

Does anyone knows why happens that?


The Supervisor container is not one that is meant to be SSHd into via balena-cli. This is the balena Supervisor, which manages the download, initialisation, configuration and running of user applications on a device. It is a very slim container and therefore doesn’t include the services required to balena ssh into. All user application services, however, should be.

Hope this helps!

Best regards, Heds

Yes it helps… thank you very much.
i realise that after i post this question.
Thanks again!