"Local/Offline" Container/application update support?

Hi all,

we have a relatively special use case, where we have want to deploy devices, that are mainly controlled by a Smartphone application via Bluetooth/Wifi (p2p), so we don’t really want to rely on the device having an internet connection. Therefore we would like to update our app/container on the device manually via locally pushing the payload over WiFi from the connected Smartphone.

I am aware of the “Offline Updates” function, which might be part of a solution for device updates for us, although we don’t really want to rely on external (usb) storage for persistent data during updates…
Regarding Container/app updates I am not aware of any way that would for that use case (maybe something based on the dev. mode’s local push?) , so I wanted to reach out here…

Thanks already to @mpous for the initial discussion and advice on this topic!
Any further input is very much appreciated!



Hi Kai, local push could be contrived to work but you’d be fighting the tools and it’d feel awful. The use case you describe sadly isn’t currently supported by our tools in any meaningful way.

It’s a highly requested aspect/feature however that we’ve been designing and working on the past couple of months. It is evolving nicely and the tooling we’ll introduce looks like it will fully cover your use case. I cannot promise any timeframes unfortunately.


Hi @dfunckt,
Thanks for the reply and additional insights! Your development sounds promising. Are you able to provide a rough estimate for the release (months, years)? Since we are also still in the pre-development phase, maybe our timelines could align.

Should be a few months but definitely not sooner than 3 months in.

To give out some more info — the feature has two sides: one is downloading an update, which we’re mostly done, and the other is applying it, which we’re about to switch focus to.

The reason I’m hesitant to promise anything time wise is that we aren’t yet fully confident we know all the unknowns of that latter side.