Local Hack Day 2016 - WarwickTECH


Local Hack Day is a Global Event on Dec 3rd 2016 that invites schools to host a 12 hour hack day on campus to celebrate the global hacker community. We’ve been invited to WarwickTECH at Warwick University, Coventry, UK, and some of us will be going there to do a workshop and participate in the hackathon.

You can find other locations in the calendar: https://localhackday.mlh.io/find-an-event/ Are you going to any of them? Let us know, the more the merrier! :slight_smile:


There’s a Facebook event for the WarwickTECH Local Hack Day to follow their news.


Hey, here are some pictures from the Local Hack Day event, cheers @hedley! :vulcan:

(click image below for the album)

Looking forward to future hacking for sure!