Kernel crash after device connecting to my wifi access point


I use a BalenaFin with image 2.60.1+rev5. I try to create a wifi access point with my balena Fin. Based with your projects of balena-playground, I am able to create hotspot. When an external device try to connect to hotspot my balenafin crash. You can find kernel log of crash attached.kernel_error_wifi_manager.log (10.2 KB)

Do you have any explications ?


Hello @benat

Based with your projects of balena-playground

Can you please clarify which project it is?

Also, have you tried out wifi-connect(

We have an easy way to add it to a project via the wifi connect block! It allows you to create access points

Hope this is helpful

I try few method to create hotspot wifi. I tried your wifi-connect project and I have the same behavior.

Today I downgraded balenaos version to 2.58.3 (recommended version) and I don’t have kernel crash.
I checked the changelog file of balena-raspberry project but I don’t know what recipe introduce this bug.


Hi there, it seems as though there is no 2.60.1 OS release for the balena fin, the latest supported OS version for the fin is 2.58.3 ( - this probably explains why you were having problems before, glad to know the problem is solved.