Jetson TX2 and a data collection application swarm

I want to have remote devices with my ML application instences running, and collecting, data, which is stored in JSON and presisted on Local MangoDB.

I have some engineering tasks, that I need to accomplish before this setup makes sense.

Step1: being able to remotly deploy and maintain the application (the application is already docarized), hence the use of Balena.IO makes sence.

Step2: Remote device (Jetson TX2) connected to internet via 3G modam (This is the challange I am facing now, as the 3G modem is not direclty supported within the Jetson Device, so bought a extender which will interface with the 3G modem and provide a wifi hotspot to the Jetson device,) Does anyone have a better solution?

Step3: Presisting local MangoDB( already running) and a central location to store all devices inferance data, with which I need some guidence on how to approch it.

Looking forward to any insights that any one can provide.

Best regards

Hi, welcome to the forums!

  1. The balenaCloud platform is designed to do this, though you will probably need to adjust your Dockerfile to use one of our base images (
  2. @majorz Do you know of any good working solution for connecting a jetson tx2 via a 3g modem?
  3. are you planning to store the collected data separately on each device or in a central database? Its not clear from your description

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  1. Ill look into it, thanks for the direction.

  2. I was thinking to have one central Database, where I can identify data collected from every device (Jetson TX2), and use it with an analytics application, to gnerate realtime information for the project dashboard. I am open to any architechtural suggestions, as I havent started this part at all.

I would recommend using AWS to host your database, they support mongoDB ( ), though if you are willing to make some changes to your project you can use their excellent NoSQL offering DynamoDB ( ).