Jetson Nano & different carrier boards

Currently we are testing Balena in combination with the Jetson Nano dev kit. Now if we choose a different carrier board such as one from Auvidea for production, how this will work with BalenaOS?

Generally dev boards needs to have a custom device type to enable different DTB blobs etc, and these would need to be supported. We do offer custom device support for this kind of situation, but all I can say right now is it’s unlikely to work out of the box.

It’s also possible to add support for a device type yourself, as a community device type, which is described here:

In addition, I can put you in touch with our customer success team, which should be able to talk you through your options. Let me know if this is something you’d like to do.

Clear, I have been in contact with @joehounsham in the past regarding the Balena accelerator program. In case he is the right person to contact, I will reach out to him again to discuss the options.

@joehounsham would definitely be the one to reach out to, especially if you’ve had previous correspondence.