Issues with pushing data


I have successfully pushed my first pieces of code into a device and I noticed a mistake within the code. I corrected the mistake, and pushed it again using balena push . I received the unicorn stating it was successful, however, nothing updated on the dashboard. The log files are time stamped for the original push, not the new push. Has anyone experienced this before?


depending on your settings it might take a little time before your device detects and receives the update. This will typically be a maximum of 10 minutes.
I do not quite understand what you are saying about missing timestamps. Can you post an example maybe ?


I think I was just being impatient or it was a network issue. I restarted my PC and tried again and it worked with any issues. Regarding the missing timestamps issue, I was referring to the logs on the device. They appear to be time-stamped when software runs.

Hi @jmeyers2

Glad you got it working.