First timer: Getting stuck on "Everything up-to-date"


I’m experimenting with Balena, but I am unable to push code to my RPi. I followed the instructions on your Get Started with Raspberry Pi guide, but I get stuck on the final step. I have added my SSH key, but then I get stuck here:

C:\Temp\Development\sonar-master>git push balena master
Enter passphrase for key '/c/Users/*****/.ssh/id_rsa':
Everything up-to-date

I don’t see any unicorn, and the device doesn’t update. What am I doing wrong?

The message you are seeing tells you there are no changes in your local repository that need to be update to the remote repository.
If you make changes to your local files and update these to your local git repository (using git add, and git commit) the next git push will update those changes to the repository and trigger a new build.

Thank you; using the following commands solved my issue:

git add .

git commit

   *insert commit message* ESC + :wq