is there an input option for Windows PCs over WiFi?

Bluetooth is really not lossless in general, while Airplay is amazing but limited to apple devices.

Is there some sort of option for WiFi-assisted streaming on Windows PC?

Sorry if i’m making too many threads, but i felt like each question deserves its own topic :slight_smile:

Hello Abdul, balenaSound supports DNLA/UPnP, which may suit your needs better. You can read more about that here (however there seems to be an issue with that webpage at the moment - I’ve pinged the team, if you have problems please check again later). Thank you.

I send to the AirPlay input from iTunes in both Windows 10 and MacOS. It is working great for me on both platforms. It is specific to iTunes or an Apple device, but it does work on Windows.

I actually use Plex on unRAID as my main media server, and my music library is shared between iTunes and Plex. So I’ve been looking at ways to integrate with Plex or a suitable generalized endpoint to which I can send music from (m)any app(s). Right now I’m poking around with Mopidy and MPD, to see if there’s a solution there somewhere.

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