I’m trying to prevent any of my services from going into reboot loops, but limiting restarts was only added in docker compose format version 3. I found the following reference to RESIN_APP_RESTART_RETRIES to do the same thing: I've just tried to deploy a Tomcat alpine container and I may have broken your workers. However, the referenced issue to add it to the documentation ( was closed without it ever being added.

I’m wondering whether it was just never added, or is no longer a valid configuration variable, and if it is valid, whether it works on multicontainer deploys.


Hi, all the valid configuration values are available here So RESIN_APP_RESTART_RETRIES is no longer valid. I did look to see when this was updated and looks like it was removed in the update to multicontainer.

Thanks. Then I guess the follow-up question is what is the current way to limit restart retries to prevent reboot loops?

Hello, unfortunately there’s balena supported approach for this exactly. If not restarting containers at all is an acceptable solution, then you could use the “no” option for restart policy: This is an area that will be looked at relatively soon though, and so there may be a better solution in the future.