Is pandas library in pyhton supported by Balena ?


I’m trying to install pandas to use some function in a pyhton code but I encounter some difficuties to install it. I tried to put it in requirements.txt and I also tried directly from DockerFile via pip install pandas but both are not working. I’m wondering if pandas is available on balena. (btw I’m using python 3 stretch image)

Thank you for your help !


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Hello @Hugo thanks for your question!

Is there any restriction why you are using the python 3 stretch image? did you try with other images with python? what error do you get?

Yes, the pandas library in Python is supported by Balena. Balena is a platform that enables the deployment and management of containerized applications on embedded devices, such as single-board computers and IoT devices. Balena supports a wide range of programming languages and libraries, including Python and its popular data analysis library, pandas.

To use the pandas library in a Balena project, you would typically include it as a dependency in your project’s requirements.txt file (for Python 2) or requirements.txt or requirements.txt (for Python 3). When you build and deploy your Balena application, the necessary dependencies, including pandas, will be installed within the container running on the target device.

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Thanks @HughCalum for your message and welcome to the balena community!

@Hugo did you solve your problem using the Panda library?