is is possible to push several different containerised apps at the same time

is it possible to push more than one app at the same time , currently when i push it creates a different release then when i select a release it overwrites the other release i want them both on the device

i want to run helium applications / myterium aplications / and others like node red at the same time
i think i need to somehow combine the different docker-compose files or have them run one after the other

Hey @oly99 it is, but with the caveat that you need to merge the two docker-compose.yml files into one and then push - looks like you were already thinking along these lines. See this blog post I wrote a long time ago: Two projects, one device: turn your Raspberry Pi into a multitool!

In the future we will be building this into the platform natively: Enable apps (single and multiple) to be installed on a fleet (multi-app) ยท Balena Roadmap

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible to run multiple applications simultaneously on a device. To achieve this, you can use containerization technologies like Docker, which allows you to isolate each application within its own container.

Each application can be packaged as a separate Docker container along with its dependencies and configurations. By using Docker Compose, you can define multiple services (each representing an application) in separate docker-compose.yml files and then combine them to create a multi-container application.