IP subset(s) api.balena-cloud.com?

Hello everyone.

We have to locate our Raspberry behind the strict firewall.
As I understand, I need access to api.balena-cloud.com, to be able to communicate with the devices. But, the guys responsible for the adjustments and maintenance of the firewall, told, they could make a new rule only for IP addresses (not a domain name). Question: has the domain api.balena-cloud.com some particular IP subset(s)? If yes, how can I know the subset(s)?

This is just a try; could you reply pls ?
Thx; David

Hello David, unfortunately we cannot provide a specific list of IPs since they are assigned dynamically based on our automatically-scaling backend by AWS, and by other third-party services like DockerHub and CDNs in front of S3. These IPs are not within balena’s control, and in some cases, are services provided by other companies as-a-service to balena. As such, the IP address space cannot be managed or predicted.