How to get the Resin ID (not the UUID)

Hi all, I wanted to know how can I get the Resin device ID (number) on the device because I have not seen any environment variables for it.
If that is not possible, how to get it with the API calls? I can read the UUID env var, but with it is not easy to get the normal ID (no matter if it is reading env vars or calling the API.

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I am checking with the team. Why do you need the device ID, perhaps there is a different approach we can take to solve your problem?

I need it because most of the API calls need the device ID. I use the initial information available on the device to then it to my own database, and then do operations with the API based on that. Because I can’t do the API calls with the UUID, first I have to get the device ID


You can use the device UUID to make API calls, for example:

curl "\$filter=uuid%20eq%20'328ae21ee894449b0a1ee4e4ece09b04'"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-H "Authorization: Bearer <auth_token>"

You will need to replace 328ae21ee894449b0a1ee4e4ece09b04 with your device UUID.

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Oh thank you very much! I didn’t know that you could also use the UUID instead.
Here on the APi docs I could not find it, and I was wondering if it was because it is not possible or is just not documented.
Anyway, thanks for the quick help.

Glad to help, we are improving our docs so this should be documented soon.

Out of curiosity, regarding API calls… why are there two different IDs (device ID and UUID)? are there any recommendations of when to use which one?

I think it’s a legacy issue, we are trying to move towards using the device UUID only so I would recommend you use that wherever possible.

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Good to know. Thanks again!