Intel NUC - intermittent online/offline

I’m just discovering and experimenting balena. I’ve booted an Intel NUC with balenaOS 2.32.0+rev2
It shows in the console, put intermittently online or offline

I’ve done some of the verification found in the forum:

  • curl verification is ok both form the NUC and from my PC on same LAN
  • nmap is ok from my PC on same LAN

On the NUC console I can ping any Internet hostname, so from that perspective the network connection seems ok.
Any idea ?

Hi @Pierre_L,
We did experience some devices disconnects because of some instability in our vpn, but it seems that its stability is restored now.
Are you still experiencing this issue?

Thanks for answer; it seems I was unlucky enough to try balena at time of this instability; as of now it looks fine.

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