Infrared Receiver Not registered on RaspberryPi DMESG - LIRC

Dear Friends,

I am trying to setup the IR receiver using the following repo

I was able to deploy the container but i am getting error when running mode2

Driver `default' not found. (Missing -U/--plugins option?)

Looks like the LIRC receiver is not getting registered in the dmesg output.

I also updated the dtoverlay with : “gpio-ir,gpio_pin=18,debug=1”

Struggling for last few days, Could you please show some lights whether balena will show the IR receiver hardware in the dmesg or not and how to resolve the error?



As documented in readme of the repo, the following configuration variable should be set:

RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay = lirc-rpi,gpio_in_pin=23,gpio_out_pin=22

Please, try this and let us know if it works for you.

Should i compulsorily use 23?. Because i already connected the jumper wires in 17,18.
BTW, lot of people complained that starting from 4.19 we need to use gpio-ir instead of lirc-rpi as the kernel support has changed