ImportError: cannot import name Auth

having trouble using the python resin-sdk. tried this 'module' object has no attribute when using Python SDK but it still doesnt work. can someone point me in the right directions? thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @maole,

Sorry for the troubles, we will add a getting started guide to our Python SDK docs really soon.
You can start using the sdk by doing

from resin import Resin

resin = Resin()

Here’s my code. I replaced my email and password.

from resin import Resin

resin = Resin()
credentials = {‘username’: ‘’, ‘password’: ‘******’}

i keep getting this error:

File “”, line 1, in
from resin import Resin
File “/data/”, line 1, in
from resin import Resin
ImportError: cannot import name Resin

What am i doing wrong?

i also tried Auth btwe.

@maoie, How did you install the python sdk?

sorry it took a long time to reply. i never got it to work. so i installed the java sdk instead. but i installed it using:

pip install git+

I note that our advice recommends from resin import Resin and then uses .auth, but that your usage lists from resin import Auth and from resin import auth. I don’t think your .py file would ever find an Auth class, that is simply a property of the Resin class.