I need help with unzipping a file on my scpserver in for my minecraftserver

this is the project i used. I did everything according to plan. I just need to unzip the new world file I pasted to my server. I use WinSCP and I have uploaded the world folder. I tried uploading it without zipcompression but the chunks (minecraft’s measurement of land) was messed up. I read that zipcompressing the file help with that problem. The zip file is 28G big and the worldfolder it contains is 34G big. pls help

Hi @johan , I don’t know much about the internals fo mincraft of the setup for that app. What kind of error logs are you seeing? Also if you are uploading such large file, you probably need to ensure that your pi4 is running with a very large SD card, I would guess you need to be running on at least a 64GB SD card if it is required to store a 34GB file on disk.

I do use a 64 gigabyte micro sd card. There are no error logs, I just can’t seem to figure out how to unzip a file using either balenacloud’s build-in hostos remote control or a scp client. Yes, they are related, I just thought my post wasn’t online.

From the HostOS remote control you can use the unzip command like so unzip myzip.zip

It says:
Unzip: can’t open w.zip[.zip]
Unzip: can’t open w[.zip]

It is located in my serverfiles folder

You can try going into the folder first (using cd ./foldername) , and then running the unzip command. It can also be that the file is corrupted, so you can try re-zipping and uploading the file if nothing works.

I figured it out