How to update Raspberry Pi Zero firmware

Hi all,

I have a problem with the current Balena Raspberry Pi base image as there is a regression in the firmware which means GStreamer h264enc fails to initialise. For details see

Can you point me to some directions on how to run rpi-update or a manual equivalent to update the firmware to work around this in the interim?/



Heya ! I will ask the devices team and get back to you !


Hi @ajlennon,

we wasn’t able to find the e0a0ba809ef11f6bed8a00d34dda961239ea432c revision mentioned in the issue. Doesn’t look like a commit, it’s a firmware revision?

We tried the latest firmware, but the RPi doesn’t boot with it. The one right before the latest one works (1.20180924) and that’s what we have currently.