How to enable auto power on for a Google Coral Dev Board?

I have some coral devices running balenaOS but I could not figure it out how to keep the devices online. Maybe is some simple switch I’m missing but it’s hard to found an answer. So… is there a way to automatically turn on the coral device whenever power is supplied?

What is currently happening is that when I connect the usb-c connector to the power it lits the ethernet orange light, but doesn’t turn the device on. Then, if I remove the usb-c, it blinks the red power led, and when I reconnect the usb-c, device boots ok.

If the power is removed for more than what seems to be ~20 seconds, I would need to perform the entire process again (connect-disconnect-connect).

What if I want to have my device always on? (eg.: after power outages device should be back online) – I’d even say that seems to be the most common case for balena devices. That seems to work just fine for raspberry pi’s, for example.

Any hints?

Can you try connecting the coral device to a powered hub? It could be that the coral device is underpowered, which I have seen with users before.

It seems to be a power supply issue indeed. I was using a Canakit power supply 5.1V 3.5A that presented that weird behavior.

Solution: Changing it to a Anker PowerPort Speed PD 30 makes the device turn on as soon as we plug the usb-c.

Additional info: A co-worker could also reproduce it, although it doesn’t happen with all of our corals and not limited to Canakit power supply.

Thank you for sharing your solution @jairo :blush:

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