Turn on switch while sleep

Hi there,

we really need some help/guidance to add a switch to turn on when sleeping. We try to use a switch between PC9 and 5V from gpio rail and it does turn on. But also resets if pressed while turned on so isn’t a solution. We also try to use the IDAC to set a pin to max power and use it but guess is just 3v3. So let us know how to implement the basic “power on/off” button. It’s a must for us.

Thank you so much

Hi Ricardo, what device are you using? Is this for a Raspberry Pi board?

It’s a balenafin 1.1.1. Sorry, thought since we were in the balenafin forum wasn’t needed to specified.
We manage to power-off using the sleep from firmware. But to turn on we have no documentation.

BTW: Before on a raspberry pi we were using the pijuice and we also try the atxraspi.

Oh no worries, that’s my fault for not realising!
I noticed there is another forums thread about this topic which is already in progress so let’s move discussion over there.