How to create wifi-connect assets (linux-rpi, linux-i386, linux-armv7hf, linux-amd64, linux-aarch64)

Hi there,

I am trying to extend the functionality of the wifi-connect, before making a PR to the main repo I’d like to test and see if its suitable for contributing.

I have created a fork and added my changes I don’t know how to build the assets that are added to the release, I’m referring to these ones:

For me it seems some compiled rust code on different architecture and ARM chip.

Could not find this within the documentation and it seems this is the only place to place such questions.

Any feedback is welcomed!

Hi - that’s great to hear! If you can open a PR on the repo, our CI should be able to run the right tests and figure that out for you. The releases you see are all generated by the CI bot eventually