How to build a balena OS using a macbook (or docker container) as build machine ?

In order to fix the problem reported in My Intel NUC Kit NUC6CAYS frequently goes offline / down I had to build a new version of the balena OS for intel with the necessary wifi firmware for my nuc device.

I have spend considerable time trying to build the balena OS using my macbook as build machine without success. I managed to fix several problems thanks to the support I got on this forum but I am still not at the end of it (see My Intel NUC Kit NUC6CAYS frequently goes offline / down)

More precisely: I wanted to build using a macbook (note that I already tried the instructions in its readme without success - see previous paragraph)

How does your macOS environment looks like? What error do you get? Are you using CROPS ( Can you build other Yocto projects on the mac apart from balenaOS?

Regarding my macOS environment:
I am running Docker desktop community 2.10.5 on my macbook.
I first tried it with crops/poky container (see link ) but I got stuck due to this blocking problem.
then I tried it using but this also resulted also in a blocking problem.

I have not tried building other Yocto project apart from balenaOS (more precisely

I am actually not really looking in the first place for support with my blocking issues, but looking for someone who has successfully build a balena OS on a macbook and specify how he/she did that.

I have specified macbook but actually if the balena OS can be build through a docker container then that would also be OK. For that I will update the forum title.

Hey, I asked a mac colleague that has built yocto and their response was that they used a linux VM in the end as it was much better supported - not ideal I know but it’s at least known to work. I’ve also pinged a colleague that I believe is working on dockerized builds which might do the trick, however docker on mac is not quite the same as on linux as I understand it so that might also throw up some differences

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A colleague of mine build a docker image to build balenaOS (, it is like his private project and not officially supported, but he used it to build balenaOS on his mac.