How to add a hardware driver to a RaspberryPi Zero running BalenaOS

Hi. I am a first-time user of BalenaOS, trying to set up a RaspberryPi ZeroW with BalenaSound.

I have a “ReSpeaker 2” HAT for Raspberry with a sound card and microphone array. Installation instructions require getting a driver from GitHub and building it. But BalenaOS doesn’t include apt, git and other required stuff, and the root filesystem is read-only. How do I install a driver?

Glad you decided to try balenaOS.

In general, the driver would need to be installed on the application level (included in your service container with a Dockerfile).
To integrate this with balenaSound, you most likely will need to modify the services Dockerfiles to include the driver.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I’ve already realized it, and replaced BalenaOS with a vanilla Raspbian OS.