How do I shut down my Pi without pulling the cord?

I can’t find a shutdown button on my Pi’s web console, and I don’t want to pull the cord. (that does corrupt the Micro SD drive, you probably already know) How do I shut down the Raspberry Pi without pulling the cord?

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select all devices

click actions | shutdown

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I downloaded the disk image from and did nothing to add it to the balenaCloud. So, can’t shut down from the cloud. But thanks for trying to help me!

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that doesnt make any sense to me ! there is nothing to download until you create an APP on the cloud but i suspect marketing have created a new model that i know nothing about

I think you should take a look at

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By now is the only way to do.
I don’t know if in the future and update make possible to automatically add ssh client or at least something to add the device to an application inside de balenaCloud.
You can check this post in the forum about deploy a personalised installation: SSH into to Add Fan control software