How can I make an Instagram hashtag slideshow?


I believe I have everything set up correctly from the Web Frame tutorial.

Does anybody know how I could create the following project?

I want the screen to pull images from a specific Instagram hashtag and have it scroll across horizontally (lengthwise) with an infinite loop or fade in/out like a slideshow. I’d like to have it refresh to update the slideshow with any new images tagged to the specific hashtag every X amount of minutes.

Is this possible?

I’m not very familiar with Instagram, but maybe you can build a web application, that talks to Instagram, and periodically fetches the images based on a hashtag? If you can build a website that behaves like that, you could just point the Web Frame to that website.

Unfortunately, I’m not skilled enough to build a website like that :frowning:


We’ve reached out to our Hardware Hacker team in case this is something they’re interested in pursuing. It’s also possible another forum user could jump in here and help out.

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