HostOS journal configuration


Using balenaOS 2.46.1+rev1 on a Raspberry Pi3 B+.

I am currently trying to debug an issue that seems to occur only once or twice per day.
While trying to find the cause, I often find the HostOS journal has rotated away from the moment where the issue occurs (ex. issue occurs at 07:00:00 while journal starts at 07:15:00).

I had enabled persistent logging in the hopes of being able to get logging from multiple days, but found out that in the HostOS the configuration is set to


All of which is already getting used up.
I was wondering what the preferred way is to re-configure this.
Am I supposed to just alter /etc/systemd/journald.conf.d/journald-balena-os.conf for this specific device and OS version, which will probably be overwritten when updating, or is there a different way to do this persistently (ex. through /boot/config.json)?

Hi there,
I’m sorry to hear these problems. At the moment we have an internal issue open in this regard, we are internally discussing about it, to allow the user to be able to change these configurations without having to reconfigure it after each update.
However, as you said, this can only be done by hand at present by manually changing RuntimeMaxUse=or SystemMaxUse= in /etc/systemd/journald.conf and this will be overwritten with every update.

Thank you for your reply.
It’s good to know that access to host configuration is actively being discussed.
I like the approach used for the network connections, where you have a sort of overlay in the boot partition.