Hidden Network issue with balenaOS

Wait, what app are you running? Or is it not running anything?

I just installed BalenaOS and that was it. Everything updated via Ethernet, but I haven’t changed/modified any files within the OS. Only the Original Disc image was put on the Ras-Pi.

I would add the Original Disc Image to the forum post, but that file type isn’t allowed (because of security reasons obv)

Yes, no need to upload the ISO. How are you updating the config files?

This is what my original config looks like.

I have an SD Card Reader and I am going into the “resin-boot” folder when we change the WiFi settings.

Can we force Ethernet to be “disabled” and for it to favor WiFi?

Take a look at the link I posted above. It shows how to favor wifi over ethernet

What should the “disable ethernet” file be called? resin-ethernet-01, eth0, or my-ethernet?


I believe any name should be ok

No luck, still says “offline”

It’s looking like a hardware issue. If you enable support access (Actions -> Grant support access in the device’s page) and share the device’s ID with us we could take a closer look. Just make sure it’s connected to the internet through the ethernet cable

I enabled support access and the device is currently online.

The device id is: 1e6eca5

Thats the UUID if thats what you needed.

Hi there, we’ve had a look at it would appear the time wasn’t synchronised by NTP. I’ve restarted the NTP service and the device is now reporting the correct time/date. This could be the reason for WiFi connection failure, since the encryption handshake can’t be carried out if the client/server time is too far out of sync. Can you please reboot the device and see if this fixes your issue?

It is still saying “online-heartbeat only”

Just plugged it back into ethernet. I only see 1 IP Address where normally it would have 2 when plugged into ethernet, not sure why its still not connecting.

I’ve noticed another issue with this device - the root filesystem is full, investigating…

In the meantime, are you able to try and connect to your WLAN from the host OS manually:

nmcli d wifi connect GiardinaHome password XXXXXXX

I have been looking through the boot log (dmesg) and I can see that the filesystem is marked as potentially corrupted. This could be the reason the the disk space being reported incorrectly, time not synchronising automatically and not being able to join a WLAN. Are you able to re-flash this device again using a fresh OS, also keeping in mind that balenaSound has some reported issues running on a 64bit OS, so a 32bit OS (Raspberry Pi 3) may be a better fit.

It says “No Network with SSID “GiardinaHome” found”. I tried adding “hidden true” to the end, no luck.

I just installed a fresh copy right before I gave remote access, so it shouldn’t be corrupted. This was also a brand new microSD card that I had installed it on. I would try to use a 32-bit OS, but the only option in the drop down menu is the 64-bit one.

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Update: I just leveled up to “Trust Level 1” so I guess my restrictions were just removed, thanks if someone just did that.

A HA! It connected to our guest-network without any problems, so the issue is that its a hidden network. Can’t believe I didn’t try that earlier.

I used “nmcli d wifi connect GiardinaHomeGuest password XXXXXXX” to connect

The argument hidden=true is already in the WiFi config file, why wont it see it?

I tried setting it to false just for fun, no luck.

Update: The Ras-pi is on our Guest WiFi only and is still online after 20 minutes. I can still access the host-OS terminal no problem. So it is definitely the fact that the network is hidden that is causing these issues. I just noticed that the date and time are wrong on the timestamps though, its about 4 hours in advance?

Hello again @zachg. So does it work fine now? Does the device connect to wifi fine when you reboot?

It’d be good to make sure it’s in working order before you give the gift :smile:

I just noticed that the date and time are wrong on the timestamps though, its about 4 hours in advance

If after restart you see this time discrepancy, there is a deeper issue with time synchronization. As my teammate, ab77, noted earlier there might be an issue with NTP syncing service. Please see the network requirements docs to ensure NTP is accessible over the network. We also have a masterclass that goes into details on NTP failures and how to debug. It’d be great to go over these and understand where the issue lies.


I just turned on broadcast SSID. Boom, problem solved, sort of?

So the problem is even though “hidden=true” is in the WiFi config file, it doesn’t actually look for the hidden network. Also nmcli d wifi connect ‘ssid’ password ‘XXXXXXX’ hidden true wont let you connect to a hidden network either. I think this could be because it times out before it finishes looking.

I have some questions about the software though:

What are the benefits of signing in with spotify through “SPOTIFY_LOGIN” and can the device’s volume be controlled based on my phones volume?

UPDATE: No system volume! The volume on my phone isn’t disabled and the devices volume is set to the default ‘100’ and I also tried to override it by adding the “SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME” argument. No luck. Also tried re-booting.

I saw previously a Balena Team member had asked to run “aplay -l” under Bluetooth here was my result:

I could be seeing this wrong, but is there no 3.5 output listed?? I am using the 3.5 output

I also still have remote access enabled

I saw someone else had this issue and they said to " I think you are hitting a known bug with our 64 bit OS. The workaround is to remove the vc4-kms-v3d dtoverlay setting from the Device configuration page of your device. Let us know if that works!"

Just tried that - it works!! - But there is a noticeable 2 second delay between pushing play and the music starting

Hey there!

What are the benefits of signing in with spotify through “SPOTIFY_LOGIN”

I believe this is so you can enjoy the benefits of a premium Spotify account on a balenaSound device.

can the device’s volume be controlled based on my phones volume?

I think this is possible in theory, but would probably require a custom app in your phone as a companion to balenaSound. Maybe something to consider in the future?

Just tried that - it works!! - But there is a noticeable 5 second delay between pushing play and the music starting

Great to hear that its working now! Let me see if I can find any info about the delay…