Help with repeater guide

I was wondering if there is a way to set up a ethernet connection from my pi to my computer, my repeater is already up and running I just wasnt sure if I count use a ethernet to connect the pi to the computer to get the internet


You can share your internet connection and make your computer act as a DHCP server quite easily. There’s nothing that you have to do on the Raspberry Pi front - simply connect the Ethernet cable between your laptop and your RPi.

On your laptop, you will then share network connection between your WiFi and your Ethernet. On Windows, you simply create a bridge network in your Network Settings, and add both the Ethernet and Wifi connections to it (you can select them both in the window, and then right click and say create bridge network)

On Linux, depending on what OS you use, there should be a menu in the network settings that allows you to share internet between 2 networks.